Why Sell Your Note?

If you sell your Note today, you can invest that money today rather than wait many years for the monthly payments.

Is There a Discount?

There is a discount since you receive your money now, and the Buyer must wait for the monthly payments and future balloon, if any. You can invest the proceeds, and earn a greater interest rate than your note.

Informal Comments From Al & Jenny:

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Al and Jenny work out of our home/office in Sonoma County, CA. If institutional Note Buyers employed us, we would not be able to give you as much personal contact. Your phone call will directly reach one of us most of the time.
Yes, Jenny and I are pictured above. Even when we were on vacation in Yosemite, we had our office phones forwarded to our cell phone! If you desire a meaningful purchase price, one that represents a likely result , be prepared to take 10-15 minutes on the phone helping us discover the qualities of your Note in order to give you the highest possible price.

Our company is named Title Investments, Inc. We were incorporated in 1987, twenty-nine years ago. We are licensed through the California Bureau of Real Estate. (Corporation BRE # 00960402) (Broker BRE # 00428920)

Why sell Notes with the help of Al and Jenny?

Al’s resume is a big part, in our opinion: It demonstrates knowledge, follow-through, diversification, and guts (He is a University of California Law School graduate at age 50, but does not practice law).

We have sold millions of dollars of Notes to institutions. Now, we work extensively with private Buyers. We enjoy the gratification of helping individuals, both buyers and sellers; private buyers have zero overhead, thus offer much better prices for your Note's future payments. A Note's future payments can be sold various ways; we have the time to explain these possibilities on the phone.

What should I consider in making my decision?

Do not sell your Note unless you have an alternative use for your money that will give you a greater interest rate of return than your Note's rate! [Remember, if your Note’s interest rate is 8% and inflation is 3% your accountant will tell you your “net” return is around 5%]

99.99% of the time people who own Notes do not need the cash. Most people sell their Note because they invest their money for greater return. Some loan to their children and have second thoughts about having a financially dependent relationship. Some people have existing interest debt to pay off. Others, for no reason, just prefer the feeling of a large bank account.

What is the selling process?

Simply, the Title Company receives the Note Buyers cashiers check, you give them your original Note, and they then record an “Assignment” and send you a check for selling your Note.